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Détail de l'événement

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Organisateur Rössli Bar - Verein Restaurant Sous Le Pont
Nom de l'événement Vouipe (CH) & Phrex (Bon Vivants/Duptopia CH)
Type de l'événement Concert
Type de musiqueElectro
Date Jeudi 25.05.2017
Lieu de l'évenementRössli Bar - Verein Restaurant Sous Le Pont
Prix aux caisses10.00 CHF
Prix aux caisses Solipreis15.00 CHF
Prix en prélocation11.00 CHF
Prix en prélocation Solipreis16.00 CHF
Site des artistes

Vouipe (CH) & Phrex (Bon Vivants/Duptopia CH)
Vouipe is an unusual audio-visual duo. Subtle vibrations for your ears, a beat that you will feel down to your pants and fast photons that tickle your retina, blended into a unique experience of sound and light. One-man band Dimitri, takes you on a musical adventure guided by sounds that he has recorded during his own travels, from delirious voices to atypical instruments such as the alpenhorn, digeridoo, or fujara, all of it combining to create striking, experimental and punchy electronic music. His accomplice and VJ Nicolas enriches this musical creation by covering the stage in entrancing and subtle visual effects using projections and advanced mapping techniques to immerse you into a universe where sound and light meet in an aesthetic and sophisti-cated choreography. A pair of enlightened young enthusiasts...

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