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PETZITICKETS is a webbased service. Tickets can be purchased online or at one of the selected sales points.

All events are entered and administrated by the organizer.
If you have any questions regarding events, please contact the organizer directly.
While buying tickets via PETZITICKETS only liabilities between purchaser and organizer occur.

PETZITICKETS is a service of the PETZI association. Selling tickets via PETZITICKETS is only permitted to PETZI-members.

You have to register on our website in order to purchase tickets.

Your personal details are only used to inform you about the purchase of your tickets and other modifications, as for example cancellations or changes to the event
On demand, you can be informed about new events on PETZITICKETS or similar news on the part of the organizer.

You have to register on our website in order to purchase tickets online
The purchase of the tickets is executed via the safe payment system of Postfinance

The following means of payment are supported:
  •  Postcard Debit Direct
  •  Yellownet
  •  Visa
  •  Mastercard
After purchasing tickets you'll get a confirmation mail with all the important information
You can then print the tickets immediately
If an error occurs during your purchase, please contact us here

Purchase tickets at a sale point

All available tickets on PETZITICKETS can as well be bought at a sales point. A complete list of all available sales points you'll find here.

PRINTBefore any purchase we recommend to test the printing of a fictitious ticket here.
You can print all tickets immediately after purchase with any printer of minimum resolution of 300dpi
To print the tickets you need a PDF reader. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here
You can print the tickets any time and anywhere. Just login on our website with your login and password. You'll find all your purchased tickets in your personal menu on the right side

Tickets can only be printed from the website. PETZI does not provide any dispatch

Each ticket has a unique number and barcode, which will be checked at the entrence of any event
Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced by PETZI
If a ticket is printed several times, only the first ticket at the entrance gets admission to the event. All other tickets are invalid

In case of cancellation all tickets are refunded

Refund of tickets purchased online

All tickets purchased online will be refunded onto the card used for payment. Due to administrational duties on the part of the card issuer, refunds onto some creditcards can take several weeks.

Refund of tickets purchased at a sales point

All tickets purchased at a sales point can be refunded at the same sales point within 30 days.

Postponement of event

If an event gets postponed, all tickets remain valid for the new date.

Customer service of Postfinance:

If you experience problems during payment, please refer to Postfinance customer service directly
Phone: +41 (0)848 880 470

PETZI provides suppport for the following issues:
  • Troubles navigating on the website
  • Troubles purchasing tickets
  • Troubles printing the tickets
Please send us a message